Product Business areasSecurity levelDelivery up to 24 hoursCustomisationDimensions Unit Price Qty
Plastic pull up seal universal S; M; L 3YesYesS - 160 mm (Operational length); M - 240 mm (Operational length); L - 340 mm (Operational length) € 1.00 Add to cart
Plastic pull-up seal Arrow Lux 4YesYesOperational length - 380 mm; Work length - 360 mm € 1.00 Add to cart
Strap Seal 4YesYesTotal length - 430; Operating length - 262; Strap - 7.5x2 € 1.00 Add to cart
BankseaL seals 2YesYesTotal length - 209mm; Operating length - 171mm; Tail diameter - from 2 to 3.2 mm € 1.00 Add to cart
Meter seal Rotoseal 3YesYes € 1.00 Add to cart
Twist-type seal Oli lock 5YesYes29 mm (Plombos aukštis); 21 mm (Plombos plotis) € 1.00 Add to cart
Tamper evident security labels Waste management3YesYes60x20 mm; 100x20 mm; 85x40 mm € 1.00 Add to cart
Pallet seal Transportation5YesYes220x220 € 1.00 Add to cart
Container seal Transportation5YesYes(320+25+25)x90 € 1.00 Add to cart
Meter seal Lumiseal 4YesYes36 X 14 X 27 mm € 1.00 Add to cart
Metal ball seal Waste management, Airlines, Banking, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Petrol stations, Insurance, Railway transportation, Casino, Public utilities, Food industry, Retail, Postal services, Cash collection, Recreation / Catering / Hotels, Fire protection, Health, Criminal Justice Institutions, Transportation, Public institutions, Agriculture5YesYes € 1.00 Add to cart
Flat metal seal tyden ball 5YesYes190 mm (Operational length); 9 mm (strap width) € 1.00 Add to cart
Plastic/copper sealing wire Petrol stations,Public utilities,Transportation,Agriculture3YesNo0,95 mm (diameter) € 1.00 Add to cart
Plastic/steel sealing wire Petrol stations,Public utilities,Transportation,Agriculture4YesNo0,7 mm (diameter) € 1.00 Add to cart
Modular packs 5YesYes1CB1 – 254х254х38 мм; 1CB2 – 254х330х38 мм; 1CB3 – 340х420х38 мм € 1.00 Add to cart
Security seals for security bags (modular paks) and key wallets envopolyseal Waste management, Banking, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Casino, Food industry, Retail, Cash collection, Recreation / Catering / Hotels, Health, Transportation, Public institutions3YesYes € 1.00 Add to cart
Security cable seal Inner force Waste management, Petrol stations, Food industry, Retail, Transportation, Public institutions, Agriculture5YesYes2.25 mm (cable diameter); 400 mm (cable length) € 1.00 Add to cart


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