About us


Fact No 1:

Our company is working since year 2001



Fact No 2:

We are operating across the continent


Fact No 3:

Turnovers are growing year by year



Fact No 4:

Over 2000 clients of different business areas


Fact No 5:

We deliver unique solutions for each case



Fact No 6:

Solutions for various value of assets


Fact No 7:

Laser marking possibilities



Fact No 8:

Codytherm technology marking


Fact No 9:

Color thermal transfer printing on adhesive sealing materials



Fact No 10:

Very fast delivery*


* can vary on certain areas



PROTECTIVE SEALS SOLUTIONS provides effective security solutions in the best qualit

We offer modern and aesthetic protective seals in form of labels and tapes, which prevents interference in the content of the product without leaving visible traces. In this way, PSS solves problems related to the protection of the product, already at the stage of packaging, closing it's outer parts or joining of particular components.

PSS team of specialists, already since 12 years creates the european security market, designating new directions and trends. The first company was established in Baltic States, giving the beginning to a European group with global reach.

We always remain close to the customer, to understand their specific needs and meet them. We will advise You in choosing the best solution or design it from scratch. Even if You can not find the product that suits You, we have the knowledge and experience to create it.