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Delivery in 48 hours
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Features and possible configurations

Package of 2000 pcs per box, 100 pcs per bag, sets of 10 pcs
Material polypropylene
Delivery in 48 h
Size (in mm)
Operational length - 380
Overall length - 440
The tail diameter - 2.4
• unique plastic seal, equipped with a semitransparent cap that allows visual control of the integrity of the tail locked inside the sealing chamber,
• sealing mechanism made of hardened steel,
• duplication of the seal's number on semi-transparent cap,
• the cap has the glowing effect in the UV light, allowing visual control of the locking mechanism in the dark,
• the gripping spikes placed on the backside of the flag for better fixation,
• two additional holes on both sides of the flag used for fixation of free part of the tail,
• the easiness of installation,
• reliability working,
Individual customization Individual numbering, text, logo, barcode
Colors green, white, orange, blue, transparent
• car, rail and air transport,
• warehouses, logistics centers, offices,
• containers, boxes, barrels,
• bags,
• cabinets,
• suitcases,

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