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Delivery in 48 hours
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Features and possible configurations

Package of 1 pack: 100pcs
Material polypropylene with a thickness of 0.050mm
Delivery in 48 h
Size (in mm)
Contains writable area for Shippers name, Facility information, Bill of Lading and the number of pieces per pallet. To provide the identity of the pallet, the seal can be equipped with sequential numbering. One seal can protect four cartons intersecting on the side of the pallet.
Individual customization printing of any graphics (i.e. text or logo), individual numbering, barcode, QR code, UV marks. If necessary, we are ready to design a label to customer specifications.
Colors red,
Designed to protect pallets fastened by straps or wrapped in stretch film. Applied at each stage of transit; by shippers, in distribution centers, in transshipment points...

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