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Features and possible configurations

Material special reflective layer
Delivery in 48 h
Size (in mm)
*custom sizes possible
Unique technology of hidden marking by application of any graphics on a reflective layer. Applied image is invisible to the eye and to see it a special identifier must be used.
The security label is protected so it is impossible to counterfeit it. Also is a great marketing tool, that distinguish Your product, among others.
Individual customization can contain any image - a logo, text or number.
Colors silver
• warehouses and logistics centers (securing of doors, windows, packaging),
• safes, money cartridge, cash registers,
• reusable containers, suitcases,
• fuel tanks,
• audio-visual equipment, computers and IT devices,
• measuring apparatus,
• automotive and aerospace industries (securing doors, windows, components),
• military and police equipment,
• forensics investigations (securing of evidences)
• envelopes with the documents and storage mediums (like CD / DVD),
• bottles and boxes with drugs,
• alcohols,
• packages with jewellery and gifts
* These applications are examples only. The possibilities to use our labels can be limited only by imagination.

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